How do you want to

feel in your space?

Hello! I’m Susan and I love creating beautiful, welcoming spaces with character and charm. I spent hours playing with my dollhouse as a kid, loved my art classes as a teen, and have written nine craft books and designed hundreds of jewelry, sewing, and quilting projects. Now that I have my own family, living in our 1950 home and making it perfect for our 21st-century life has been a dream come true.

After redecorating and updating our own house, working with friends on their spaces, and designing and building an ADU apartment for my mom, I studied the business of interiors at the wonderful Psychologie of Home design school.  I’ve also learned so much in Joshua Becker’s Becoming Minimalist Uncluttered course over the last 4 years, and was so excited to join the first class of his new training program, graduating as a Becker Method certified organizing & decluttering professional.

My design firm, Crafting Your Space, brings it all together! I’m so happy to offer full-service interior design, decluttering and organizing, and styling and staging services with clients in the Portland, Oregon metro area, and of course we can book virtual consultations no matter where you are.

Whether you’re drawn to vintage style or modern openness, gorgeous color or understated elegance, or just want to completely redo a challenging area so you absolutely love it, it’s a joy to design spaces that work perfectly for clients. If you live in an older home you’re longing to make your own, or are just beginning to plan a new build, I’d love to help you make it exactly what you want!

And if the stress of stuff and clutter is getting in the way of enjoying your home, I would love to help you lighten and refresh your space to find joy in the simplicity of owning less. The calm, peaceful feeling when everything has a place and a purpose is truly transformative for our homes – and our lives. My focus is on compassion, encouragement, and empathy as you let go of old stresses and the things you don’t need, so you can truly enjoy your home and time with friends and family.