Interior Design

Have you always dreamed

of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in your bedroom, a gorgeous patio for entertaining, a living room gallery wall spotlighting treasured photographs and art, or a beautiful kitchen with everything you need, and nothing you don’t? Maybe your home office is an afterthought, your house still feels like the previous owner’s style, or you just want to completely redo a tricky space so you absolutely love it.

Are you building a new home, or starting a remodeling project? I’d love to help you make it exactly what you want, designing the lighting, tile, flooring, windows, cabinetry, and palettes you’ll love that will work perfectly in your space!

Through creative conversations and sharing ideas, we’ll identify your North Star – the things you love most – and create a precise, super-personalized design and floor plan to craft a space you’ll absolutely love coming home to. In addition to traditional furnishings and materials, I love sourcing art and vintage, handmade, and modern heirloom pieces, creating color palettes and concepts, and designing green spaces that add beauty and peacefulness.

Let’s solve design problems with thoughtful ideas and gorgeous details, so you love how you feel in a space you’ve made truly your own. It’s a joy to design spaces that work perfectly for clients. Please contact me to get started, and find more information on my services here!

What my clients say...

If you don’t love every area of your home, you should call Susan right away! I asked if she could help me redesign my bedroom, because I knew I wanted to make major changes there. However, when we first met, she asked me if I loved my main living spaces, and my response was tepid because there was a lot about my living room that I just didn’t care for but felt stuck with. It was amazingly freeing and eye-opening to get her new design plan for my living room that focused on what I loved and how to make changes on my timeline. She respected my budget and was incredibly helpful.

I could probably go on for pages about how much I’ve been enjoying this process. She took my favorite pillow and found coordinating ones, a new rug that I adored, and asked me why I didn’t just get rid of the recliner I said that I hated.

Her visual presentations were also converted into a checklist that I could work through at my own speed and included specific recommendations for new things that I loved, so if I wanted to buy items, I did not have to source them myself. I’ve been making major changes to our living room that have been fantastic. We’ve also been working on my bedroom and I’m just so excited about this process.

We recently “shopped my house” for some special family heirlooms that I haven’t been able to figure out how to display, so that I could truly enjoy them. I’ve had these items for decades, but haven’t known where to put them – but now, wherever I sit, I see things that I truly love in beautiful settings. I also appreciate Susan’s kind, gentle, respectful, and patient personality. This process is definitely led by me, but she draws out what I really want and makes sure that she is incorporating my design ideas and personality into the space, without judgment and with enthusiasm.

Jenifer Johnston